Food For Your Senses (FFYS) is back but it has changed slightly. Don’t worry it’s still a fantastic mix of music, art, food and workshops but now it’s in an urban setting rather than a field in the middle of nowhere. Wait, does that mean it’s even better?

Taking place over three days in August (4,5,6), FFYS brings together established and upcoming acts from Luxembourg with international bands and artists. You may or may not know all of the bands but this festival is all about discovery and to help you along the way Tour Tales is going to introduce you to a couple of groups you should be on the look out for.

de Läb Orchestra – Photo provided by FFYS

Let’s start with de Läb Orchestra. Now chances are you will have seen de Läb before, they have been regulars at Luxembourgish music festivals for a number of years now but there’s a reason they feature so often. They’re brilliant. Rapping in Luxembourgish over some brilliant and danceable beats their music and flow are enough to produce a great show and if your grasp of the language is strong enough you will be treated to some brilliantly cheeky lyrics too. Added to their usual high quality live show the boys have enlisted the help of a classical orchestra which should make for an unforgettable performance.

GOAT. 2014 press images from Silver PRBand.
Goat – Pictures provided by FFYS

Next up, one of the headliners. Not to be confused with the Japanese band of the same name who played at last year’s Congés Annulés, Swedish psychedelic outfit Goat are not to be missed. It will be a little bit strange but that’s all part of it and these guys know how to bring the party having built their reputation on the live circuit. Expect costumes, masks and dancing.

A personal highlight and recommendation would be the Allah-las. They’ve played here in Luxembourg a few times and are a top quality garage rock band. They are the perfect festival band, combining summery surf rock vibes with a low fi sound that is made to listened to in the sun with a cold beer. Think the Kinks’ “Sunny Afternoon” but by a band from L.A..

Allah-Las – Picture provided by FFYS

If the Allah-las’ music was made to wash over you and allow you to bask in the sunshine then WhoMadeWho’s music is designed to get you dancing. The band are a Danish experimental pop trio. Now that may sound a bit daunting or inaccessible but don’t worry, just bring your dancing shoes and thank us later. Having played alongside the likes of Daft Punk, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem and Justice they know how to get people moving.

WhoMAdeWho – Picture provided by FFYS

Looking back to the local bands we reckon you should do everything you can to see When Airy Met Fairy. The trio, fronted by singer Thorunn Egilsdotter have somehow gone a little under the radar in the Luxembourg scene. It hasn’t stopped them playing gigs though, they’ve just been doing most of them elsewhere have played gigs from Iceland to Japan over the last year or two. Often referred to as delicate or ethereal their live shows are anything but. Sure Thorunn’s vocals can be soft and light but that only serves to draw you in before she and the band hit you with some raw emotion. Memorable sets at Rock-A-Field and Sonic Visions point to this being one of the festival highlights.

While Thorunn’s strength as a front woman may lie in her vulnerability Alice Merton’s comes with her confidence. The German-Irish pop singer grew up in Britain and Canada but returned to Germany to start her music career and it’s fair to say that things are going pretty well. Her debut EP was released back in February and lead single No Roots reached #2 in the charts and to date has racked up 17m plays on spotify. Her music is poppy, fun and sassy. She’s definitely a star in the making.

Alice Merton_Presse 1_credit Paper Plane Records
Alice Merton – Picture provided by FFYS

Going back to the local bands Edsun is local artist who Luxembourgish musos are calling one of the most cutting edge performers to ever come out of the Grand Duchy. Mixing elements of electronica, rap music, R’n’B and pop his should be a really interesting set.

Next up lets look a band who aren’t exactly from Luxembourg but who have got a Luxembourgish member. The Lips are a Berlin based four piece band with members from Luxembourg, as mentioned, Germany and Australia. Combining elements of Blues, Funk and Soul with indie rock they are known for a fun and dance live show that seems custom made for a festival like this one.

Sticking with Australian musicians, (just about), Tash Sultana is the final act we’ll highlight in this preview. Something of a one-woman band the songwriter and loop artist has been wowing sold out crowds the world over since bursting on to the scene a year ago. Beginning her career as a busker and gaining worldwide recognition after a number of videos of her performances went viral she has been playing to packed rooms ever since. She is not to be missed.

That is just a taste of what lies in store for music fans and festival goers at this year’s FFYS. Make sure to check the website and Facebook page for the full line-up and gig times.



Featured Image by Isabelle Finzi