About 2 years ago local band The Tame & The Wild seemed set to take over the Luxembourg music scene. They had played a great and brilliantly received set at Rock-A-Field, a debut album was almost ready and then… nothing. They disappeared. Happily they are back now with a brand new single and bassist and songwriter Flëpp Wenger took some time to talk about the new song and why they’ve been away for so long.

Hey Flëpp, thanks for coming in to the studio, it’s great to have you here because we’ve all been wondering where you guys have been!

(Laughs) Yeah it’s been a hard time, we’ve spent a long time in the rehearsal room writing new stuff and working with the new musicians..

Yeah because the last time we spoke you had played at Rock-A-Field and we were starting to see you around a lot and there was a lot of talk about The Tame & The Wild and then there was radio silence so what happened?

Well we were working for two years on a CD and the mastering and everything was done and then two band members quit to do a new project. So then we had to find new musicians who fit within our universe and our way of working and that wasn’t so simple but I think no we have found nice guys to work with.

That’s great now but it must have been a real shock to the system when you had everything ready to go with the last album. Has the new music that you’ve done since similar to what you were making before?

I think the whole Tame & The Wild universe didn’t change too much. It’s Seja writing the lyrics and we work together in the rehearsal room and the sound is bound to the place that we work. I think the new musicians have a different way of playing the guitar and drums but basically it’s the same.

Cool so what has happened since those guys, (Alain Kremer & Yves Ditsch), came in? Did you just start again and record a whole new album?

(When band members leave) It’s like when a couple splits up. We worked together, very intensely, for a number of years so it was a hard time but we wrote a lot of new songs in this time. Emotions are quite productive so we had to get these new songs done with the new band.

So does this new single mean that there will be a new album on the way?

There’s a 10″ Vinyl coming with two studio tracks and two live tracks. It should come in July, hopefully.

That’s great and very soon! Does that mean that there will be some gigs coming too?

I hope so yeah we’ll be at Rock-um-Knuedler at the Clairfontaine Stage (Golden Lady).

Nice one, so tell us about the new single, “Before We Die”.

Before We Die, like all of our songs started with lyrics and an acoustic guitar and the vision of our singer Seja and it’s about enjoying the moment and having a good time.

And that’s out now. Where can people get it?

It’s on iTunes and on bandcamp for people who don’t want to do the Apple thing.

Find out more about the band and keep up to date with everything they have going on on the Facebook page

Or check their website 

* Picture taken from thetameandthewild.com