Jake Bugg was one of the headliners at last year’s Sonic Visions festival at Rockhal and this Wednesday he set to return to play his own show at den Atelier. I spoke to Bugg at the time regarding his latest and third album, On My One, if you missed it then check it out now, and if you’re going to the gig I’ll see you there as I’ll be DJing ahead of his set.

Writing Process

When Jake Bugg burst on to the music scene with his self titled debut in 2012 it seemed as though he was made for the music business. The album was critically and commercially well received and nominated for many awards. Later though there was a small backlash against him when it emerged that he had used a number of co-writers on the record with Noel Gallagher saying that he was “heartbroken” when he heard. Perhaps with that in mind Bugg abandoned some of the work that he had been doing in studio in favour of his original home recorded demos.

“I was just trying things out” he said, “I did a few things with Jackknife Lee, (producer, U2, Weezer), and that was cool, I was just experimenting and trying things out, seeing what worked and in the end it was the recordings that I did on my own.”

While the majority was done at his home he did of course record the final album in studio where he welcomed the support of his producer. “On this album I wanted to do it by myself and I was, maybe a little closed minded at first but after a while I realised that you can take little bits from everyone and take everybody’s input and just figure out the best outcome. It can be hard to hear as a writer but sometimes it good to hear as well”, he said.

Production and Touring

One time on the record where Jackknife Lee’s input can be heard is on the latest single “Bitter Salt”. The song began as a stripped back folk but with Lee’s input it became a stomping, blues influenced rock song. “Yeah but I thought that was cool”, said Jake, “because he didn’t take anything away from the song. It was the same song, exactly the same song just done in a different style, a different genre and i thought that was cool. I don’t really care about the genre or style I just care that it’s a good song.”

Fans of Jake Bugg should make sure that they see him at den Atelier this week as after three years of almost non stop touring he plans to take things a little easier next year.

“I love being on the road and I love travelling the world but I think now everyone’s on the road all the time and it would be nice to be at home and make a little bit more music. Still be on the road as well but maybe not as much. I think that’s what I’m going to do next year, a little less touring and a little bit more time in the studio.” he revealed.

Get your tickets at http://www.atelier.lu

Gig – 7/6/17

Doors @ 7pm