Luxembourg has a brand new festival! Brought to us by the guys from den Atelier they see it as way to bring music to the city and hope that it can become an event that brings people to the country and showcase interesting artist from both home and abroad and highlight some of the more unusual venues in the older parts of the city.  “It’s our newest baby.” said den Atelier’s Michel Welter, “It’s the new born that we are going to take very good care of. You know we go to these events, tons of festivals, I’d say we go to more than a dozen a year and some of them have such great atmospheres and they are happening in the cities! You go from one venue to the next and you have different atmospheres and I think that’s always very enjoyable. That’s really something that we wanted to create.”

Asgeir Sirens Call
Asgeir – Photo from den Atelier


“Luxembourg is a beautiful city and there are tons of venues which used to be concert venues or places where there haven’t been concerts before so the idea was to go in to one area, one Quartier of the city and then play at a couple of venues, two or three places” he added.

The venues in question are the Neumunster Abbey, Melusina and perhaps most interestingly the St. Jean Church, “We looked around for a little while but very quickly we decided to to stick with the Neumenster Abbey because we know the place and we know that the setting is just tremendous and we know the public love it and the artists always love it.” said Michel.

‘Then we looked around and tried to see what was next to it and Melusina is just in walking distance so Melusina was next. It’s one of the most important venues in Luxembourg City, club wise, but for concerts too, they used to have jazz concerts there and even theatre plays so it’s a venue with great history. It used to be a hotel actually in the very beginning. So we love it! It’s filled with history and for the duration of the festival we’ll turn it back in to a concert venue and it’s a great place, it has a balcony that goes all the way around and it’s really got this club atmosphere.”

Siren's CallJames+Vincent+McMorrow_SarahDoylePhotography
Oscar And The Wolf – Photo from den Atelier

‘So we have the open air feel at Neumenster Abbey in the courtyard and then the club feel at Melusina and the third venue where we are putting gigs on is the Church, L’eglise St Jean. It’s the church that’s adjacent to Neumenster Abbey and it’s a completely different setting. Very small, very intimate and it’s actually really cool that we can do shows there. Much like the Cathedral gigs that we did this is a church that’s still in use, so that’s quite special. You know, in other countries they do that quite often, in London at St Pancreas or wherever but in Luxembourg it’s still, you know, unusual.’

Headlining the festival are Oscar And The Wolf and James Vincent McMorrow while RY X returns following his incredible sold out show at the Cathedral Notre-Dame. Other highlights include Icelandic artist Asgeir, who was so brilliant when he played at the Sonic Visions festival in 2014, and local artists Francesco Tristan and Napoleon Gold.

“The idea is that you can stroll through the Grund and then enter different venues, it’s a bit different from your regular festival because there are quite a lot of bands playing, it’s only one day with it being the first edition but still there are a lot of bands and some of them will be playing at the same time so you’ll really need to make a selection with the bands you want to see” Michel explained.

Siren’s Call will be a fantastic way to discover the city, it’s venues, art, food and hear some fantastic artists, don’t miss it.